Digital mammography    

Digital mammography is the most advanced digitized recording process. The examination is similar to conventional X-ray mammography, but with an improved imaging technology that brings significant advantages:


    Radiation exposure is reduced by about one third    
    Technically flawless images, even with dense mammary tissue (young patients)    
    Computer-assisted evaluation helps to distinguish between benign and malignant tissue    
    Shorter exposure times result in sharper images    
    High-quality imaging, even in patients with breast implants



The Stadlau Diagnostics Centre is certified under the Programme for early detection of breast cancer (=Mammografiescreening).


      Primary indications    
    General preventive check-up    
    Palpable lumps in the breast    
    Toughening of tissue in the breast    
    Palpable axillary lymph nodes    

Increased risk of breast cancer (e.g. if there is a history of breast or ovarian cancer among close relatives of the patient)


      Regular check-ups    
      Women aged 35 to 50 should have a mammogram taken every two years as part of their routine medical check-up; for women aged 50 and above, annual mammograms are recommended. Regular check-ups help early diagnosis of breast cancer.    

      What you need to bring with you    

A comparison of current and earlier mammograms is essential for the medical evaluation of the mammography. It is therefore important to bring your earlier mammograms with you. Please also bring reports of any surgical procedure.



Mammography information at

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