Digital X-ray    

Digital X-ray is the term used in radiology for a process in which the X-ray images are digitized. The images themselves are produced by an X-ray tube, as in conventional X-ray processes.


      Many advantages    

Through the use of the digital X-ray process, patients’ radiation exposure can be reduced by up to 60 per cent. All our X-ray images are produced using low-radiation digital technology.

As images can be digitally post-processed, repeat procedures are only required in rare exceptional cases.

Thanks to the digital process, the images become available immediately. Together with the full medical report, they can be sent electronically to the referring physician, provided the latter has the necessary technical capabilities.




      Examinations performed    
    Gastro-intestinal examinations    
    Kidney X-ray    
    Phlebography (diagnostic examination for varicose veins and thrombosis)    
    Skeletal X-ray    
    Lung X-ray    

      Special examinations    
    X-ray of the facial part of the skull for fitting of dental braces    
    Orthopaedic foot and leg images    
    Orthopaedic full image of the spine in standing position (for diagnosis of scoliosis or other posture problems)    

      Please note    

Most skeletal X-rays can be done at any time. To keep your waiting time to a minimum, however, you are kindly asked to make an appointment either by telephone or in person. Appointments can usually be arranged at very short notice.

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X-ray of stomach, intestine
or neck region
Kidney X-ray
Vein X-ray
Digital mammography
Bone density scan
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