Bone density scan    

The bone density scan (bone densitometry) is performed to measure the mineral content of the bones.

Our centre uses dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) to measure the density of bone tissue. In this process, the mineral content of the lower spine and of both hips is measured, and the results are compared to standard values.




      What you need to bring with you    
      For a bone density scan, you need a referral for:

    bone densitometry (DEXA) and


an X-ray image of the lumbar spine.

If a control measurement is taken, this should always be conducted by the same radiographer using the same equipment to ensure the comparability of test results.


      Cost refund    
      Unless you have Austrian employee health insurance, you will be requested to pay the fee for the test (40 euro) and find out whether the procedure is covered by your insurance; patients with other types of Austrian public health insurance (BVA, KFA, SVA and VA) will receive a refund upon application and submission of the doctor’s bill.    

      Special examination    

We are probably the only private medical practice in the region that offers bone density scans for children and young people (which require a special evaluation programme). Bone density may be reduced in children and young people with certain medical conditions (such as eating disorders – bulimia, anorexia nervosa –, Crohn’s disease, or chronic ulcerative colitis; long-term cortisone treatment).

We offer patients body fat measurements as an additional examination. This procedure is not covered by any of the Austrian public health insurance schemes, so the cost of 80 euro has to be borne by the patient.



Bone density scan information at

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