Please note...    

Most skeletal imaging procedures can be done at any time. To keep your waiting time to a minimum, however, you are kindly asked to make an appointment either by telephone or in person. Appointments can usually be arranged at very short notice.


      Appointments are absolutely necessary for the following procedures:    
    Kidney X-ray    
    Vein X-ray    
    X-ray of stomach, intestine or neck region    
    MRI scans    
To make an appointment, please call 01/285 77 00 from Austria (00431/285 77 00 from abroad) Monday to Friday 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., or come to the Centre in person.

      Please bring the following with you to any type of examination:
    Referral for X-ray or MRI procedure (issued by your general practitioner, gynaecologist, internal specialist, etc.)


For MRI scans, in addition to the original referral, authorisation by the competent “Chefarzt” (supervising physician designated under the health insurance scheme) is required.

Private patients (i.e. all those who are not covered by the Austrian public health insurance schemes – Gebietskrankenkasse, BVA, KFA, SVA, VA) do not need this authorisation.


    Please bring earlier X-ray images and medical reports (X-ray findings, surgery reports, blood count tests, etc.) to your initial examination.

    All reports are available for collection by the patient from 3 p.m. on the workday following the examination. If an acute condition is diagnosed, the patient can take the report with him/her after the examination.    



      Other important information    
    If you are pregnant, it is essential that you inform the physician or the assistant about this before the examination.

    Jewellery, including piercing studs and similar objects, has to be removed before the examination. Please leave your jewellery and other valuables at home.

    If your young child requires an X-ray and you are pregnant, please bring along another person who can accompany the child to the examination. In addition, please make an appointment for the examination.

    Minors have to be accompanied by a legal guardian for any X-ray or MRI procedure in which contrast agents are used.


Our Centre is of course designed to accommodate persons with disabilities and has lift access.

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X-ray of stomach, intestine
or neck region
Kidney X-ray
Vein X-ray
Digital mammography
Bone density scan
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